Bloomberg Pledges to Give to Female Candidates

“I will be putting more money into supporting women candidates this cycle than any individual ever has before because if we’re going to win, it’s going to be women that get us there. And I want to do my part.”

— Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, pledging to contribute more money into backing women candidates in the upcoming midterm elections “than any individual ever has before,” The Hill reports.

Democrats Spending Big on Underdog Candidates

$1 billion

Associated Press: “The November midterms are on pace to shatter records for political spending. While more than $1 billion raised so far nationally is helping finance battlegrounds that are poised to decide control of Congress, restless donors aren’t stopping there — they’re also putting cash into races and places they never have before to help underdog Democrats.”

Jeb Bush Loaned His Campaign $407,000 in Final Days


Amount former Florida governor Jeb Bush loaned or gave his campaign as it struggled to pay its bills in the last weeks of his flagging presidential bid, the Washington Post reports. “New Federal Election Commission filings show that Bush’s campaign spent $3.6 million last month before he dropped out Feb. 20 — raising just $1.18 million in the same period. A large share of the money came from the candidate himself, who gave his campaign $56,983.50 on Feb. 1. The next day, he loaned the campaign $250,000. And on Feb. 16, four days before the South Carolina primary, he gave an additional $100,000.”

Outside Groups Start Spending to Stop Trump

$10 million

Amount outside groups are moving to deploy “in new attack ads across Florida and millions more in Illinois, casting Mr. Trump as a liberal, a huckster and a draft dodger. Mr. Trump’s reed-thin organization appears to be catching up with him, suggesting he could be at a disadvantage if he is forced into a protracted slog for delegates,” the New York Times reports. Politico: “The goal, according to people familiar with the effort, has been to assemble as much as $25 million to spend against the New York businessman before March 15.”