Trump Seems Reluctant to Debate Harris

“Now that Joe has, not surprisingly, has quit the race, I think the Debate, with whomever the Radical Left Democrats choose, should be held on FoxNews, rather than very biased ABC.”

— “Donald Trump ended Joe Biden’s campaign with a debate. But it’s not clear yet if there will be another one as Trump and his campaign are sending mixed messages about whether they’ll stick to their planned Sep. 10 debate with a new nominee,” Semafor reports.

GOP Convention Viewership Down Sharply from 2016

18.1 million

Despite Donald Trump’s dramatic appearance days after an assassination attempt, the opening night of the Republican National Convention drew in five million fewer viewers than the first night of the convention back in 2016 – when he became the party’s presidential candidate for the first time. According to Nielsen, Monday night’s coverage of the event in Milwaukee drew 18.1 million viewers across 12 broadcasters and cable networks, down from 23 million viewers across seven networks in 2016, reported The Independent.

On Vance as Trump’s VP Pick

Remember why Trump chose Mike Pence in 2016. Trump needed to reassure Republicans who were on the fence about him and unify the party. Pence was supposed to rein Trump in and prevent him from making erratic and potentially dangerous decisions as president. Vance, on the other hand, is a staunch Trump loyalist, and no elected Republican is voicing concerns — at least publicly — about him. Trump’s pick underscores the unity Republicans feel at this particular moment. Trump just survived an assassination attempt, Democrats are in crisis over President Joe Biden’s ability to win and Trump is leading in most swing states.

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