No-Shows, New Voters Swung Georgia Runoff Election


Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Over 752,000 Georgia voters who cast ballots in the presidential election didn’t show up again for the runoffs just two months later. … More than half of the no-shows were white, and many lived in rural areas, constituencies that lean toward Republican candidates. … Meanwhile, 228,000 new voters cast ballots in the runoffs who hadn’t voted in the Nov. 3 election. They were more racially diverse and younger voters who tend to back Democrats.”

Thousands of Georgia Mail-In Ballots May Not Be Counted


NBC News: “According to the most recent USPS filings in federal court, the agency was processing just 76% of ballots on-time, as of Dec. 21, in their Atlanta metro region, which covers most of the northern – and most populated – half of the Peach State. That means some ballots mailed by Georgia voters 3-5 days before this week’s run-off elections – and even some ballots mailed prior to New Year’s — may not make it to elections offices before the state’s Jan. 5 deadline for the votes to count.”

Trump’s Georgia Rally Likely to Be a Super-Spreader Event


Organizers are anticipating as many as 20,000 people at President Trump’s rally for Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue on Monday, the eve of the U.S. Senate runoffs, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. In the run-up to November’s election, Trump crisscrossed the nation, holding mass rallies — sometimes in spite of objections from local authorities — and in defiance of guidance from his coronavirus task force.

The Importance of Georgia

“It is almost impossible to overstate the stakes in the two January 5th runoff elections in Georgia. If Democrats win both races, Joe Biden has a chance to pass his economic, health care, and climate plans. He will be able to confirm his cabinet and appoint judges. Mitch McConnell will be nothing more than a dour annoyance — a grumpy speed bump on the road to progress. If Democrats don’t win both races, well … things get much more difficult. I can’t remember a non-Presidential election of this much consequence.”

Dan Pfeiffer

Georgia Senate Runoff Turnout at Presidential Levels

1.1 million

“Almost as many Georgians have voted in the U.S. Senate runoffs as at the same point before the presidential election, a huge turnout that reflects the high stakes of the race,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. “Over 1.1 million people had voted through Thursday, most of them at early voting locations that opened across the state this week… Such high turnout is unusual for a runoff, especially when compared to presidential elections that get the most voter interest.”