Georgia Senate Runoff Turnout at Presidential Levels

1.1 million

“Almost as many Georgians have voted in the U.S. Senate runoffs as at the same point before the presidential election, a huge turnout that reflects the high stakes of the race,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. “Over 1.1 million people had voted through Thursday, most of them at early voting locations that opened across the state this week… Such high turnout is unusual for a runoff, especially when compared to presidential elections that get the most voter interest.”

Democrat Turnout is Down in States that Have Enacted Voter ID Laws


Amount Democratic turnout has dropped in eight out of the 16 states that have held primaries or caucuses that implemented new voter ID or other restrictive voting laws since 2010, reports Huffington Post. But turnout is down “just 13 percent in the states that didn’t enact new voter restrictions. To put it another way, Democratic voter turnout was 285 percent worse in states with new voter ID laws.”