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logo-pr-twPensito Review has been publishing commentary on politics and the news since January 2005. Coverage focuses on progressive politics in Washington as well as nationwide, with a particular interest in Florida and California where the company has offices.

The editors, Jon Ponder in California and Trish Ponder and Buck Banks in Florida, are all professional writers with decades-long careers in journalism, advertising, marketing and public relations.

Pensito Review welcomes sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Email news@pensitoreview.com to contact us.

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Unfortunately, you know nothing about what federal regulations governed transmissuon of information then and what ones are in place now.

    1. Please fill us stupids in on those federal regulations. Videos of candidates and their speeches are Public Domain. If that’s what you are talking about.

  2. Oh look it’s the “it’s Trump’s fault there’s a coronavirus. I sure hope a bunch of us die so we can blame him for something he didn’t start” website. Keep up the good work, objective journalists!

    1. Oh the irony that Trump ACTUALLY blamed Obama for the coronavirus literally weeks after this fine comment.

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