Trump Administration Bought 29 Million Doses of Hydroxychloroquine

29 Million

Hydroxychloriquine has proved ineffective as a treatment for covid-19. In fact, it has had dire side effects in some cases. And yet Trump has been desperately selling it to his hapless followers. The method behind his madness may arise from the fact that his administration purchased 29 million doses of the drug, mostly from India.

Three-Quarters Say Country on Wrong Track


A new AP-NORC poll finds just 24% of Americans say the country is headed in the right direction, down from 33% a month ago and 42% in March. “Trump’s overall approval rating during this moment of tremendous upheaval sits at 39%. Though that’s down slightly from the 43% who approved of his job performance in February and March, it’s well within the narrow range where his ratings have stayed throughout his time in office. That suggests that the president’s most enthusiastic supporters have remained loyal throughout the pandemic and other crises.”

Biden Leads Trump by Nearly 10 Points Nationally

50.5% to 41.3%

FiveThirtyEight launched its polling averages for the 2020 presidential race: “Biden currently leads Trump 50.5% to 41.3% in national polls, according to our average — a 9.2-point lead. … Biden also leads Trump in swing states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona — although his lead in many swing states are not as wide as his margin in national polls, suggesting that the Electoral College could once again favor Trump in the event of a close election.”

Almost Two-Thirds Disapprove of Trump’s Handling of Protests

61% to 35%

A new Washington Post-Schar School poll finds President Trump receives negative marks for his handling of the protests over George Floyd’s death, with 61% saying they disapprove and 35% saying they approve. Much of the opposition to Trump is vehement, as 47% of Americans say they strongly disapprove of the way the president has responded to the protests. Also important: 69% say the killing of Floyd represents a broader problem within law enforcement.

Trump Hires Incompetent Pollster to Critique CNN Poll

14 points

After a new CNN poll came out showing Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden by 14 percentage points, the president announced he has retained Republican pollster John McLaughlin to write a memo denouncing the poll. However, Jonathan Chait points out McLaughlin is “a laughingstock within the profession.” McLaughlin has a FiveThirtyEight pollster rating of C/D and is one of the lowest-rated polls in their database.