Lots of Arizonans Burned an Early Vote for Rubio


Of Arizona early voters cast ballots for Marco Rubio, according to an MBQF Consulting poll taken last week. Washington Examiner: “As of last Wednesday afternoon, at least a quarter million registered Republicans had already voted in Arizona, taking advantage of the state’s 26-day early voting period. Based on the timeline, this means those 250,000 Arizona Republicans all voted without knowing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) would no longer be a candidate by election day.” By our math, that’s about 40,000 votes Ted Cruz won’t get.

United States Election Project Monitors Early Voting

thFor those of you who practice or follow early voting, the United States Election Project maintains a spreadsheet of reports from state elections officials who voluntarily provide running stats.

The information provided by states differs, but some offer demographics or party affiliation. For up-to-the-minute info, follow USEP on Twitter at @ElectProject.