Federal Budget Deficit Cut in Half on Biden’s Watch

$14 trillion

“In a statement, the Treasury Department said the annual deficit had plummeted from $2.8 trillion in 2021 to roughly $1.4 trillion in 2022 — a decline driven primarily by the expiration of trillions in pandemic-era emergency spending. The gap between revenue and spending also shrunk in part due to stronger-than-expected tax receipts, as a booming U.S. economy and large corporate profits helped bring in additional funds to federal coffers,” the Washington Post reports.

Biden to Ask Congress for $33 Billion for Ukraine

$33 billion

President Biden will ask Congress for $33 billion to help the Ukrainians fight Russia’s invasion, the Washington Post reports. “Biden’s funding request includes $20 billion in military assistance for Ukraine, $8.5 billion in economic assistance and $3 billion in humanitarian aid, among other pots of money, such as $500 million to support production of U.S. crops to address the global food shock caused by the war.”

Why We Need White House leaks

“The Biden White House is famously leak-proof (in sharp contrast to Trump’s White House). This deprives the public of valuable information, such as who is pushing Biden into foolish stridency. But the worst effect is probably on the White House itself. For one thing, leaks of policy changes can be badly-needed trial balloons. … In general, if everybody knew who was pushing what policy—and who were the internal opponents—it would be easier for influential non-insiders to weigh in and steer policy in more sane directions.”

Mickey Kaus

Almost Four in 10 Blame Biden for High Gas Prices


A new Emerson College poll finds 83% of voters say they are experiencing some hardship due to increased prices on everyday items, with 40% reporting significant hardship, and another 43% reporting some hardship. When asked about who they blame for an increase in gas prices, 39% blame the Biden Administration, 21% blame the sanctions on Russia, and 18% blame gas and oil companies.