Walker Claims to Own Nonexistent Companies

$29 million

“Former NFL star Herschel Walker has made millions in business ventures since he retired in 1997, and he claims to be worth more than $29 million today,” the Daily Beast reports. “But despite that success, the Republican Senate hopeful and longtime friend of Donald Trump has, for whatever reason, chosen to dramatically inflate his business record. … In doing so, Walker has established a parallel record of demonstrably false claims, many of which appear to bear no resemblance to reality whatsoever.”

Loeffler Won’t Just Go Away

“We had tremendous efforts in terms of the ground game. We had about 1,000 people on the ground, thousands more volunteers, and we worked every single day. But what we saw on the other side of the ballot was even more. They had thousands more staffers, thousands more volunteers.”

–Former Senator Kelly Loefller (R-GA), quoted by WABE, on why she’s funding a group to mobilize Republican voters in Georgia.

Why Raffensperger Released the Call

“If President Trump wouldn’t have tweeted out anything and would’ve stayed silent, we would’ve stayed silent as well. If you’re going to put out stuff that we don’t believe is true, then we will respond in kind.”

— Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) told WATL that he considered his phone call with President Trump to be a “private conversation” and would not have shared details of it if the president had not sent a false tweet about it.

75,000 New Voters Registered in Georgia


“Nearly 75,000 new voters registered in Georgia since before the presidential election, enough to make a difference in the U.S. Senate runoffs if they turn out,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. “They’re overwhelmingly young, with 57% of them under 35 years old. Some are new Georgia residents; others just turned 18. None has a voting record in the state.”

Graham Claims Abrams ‘Conned’ Georgia GOP

“Stacey Abrams conned the Republican leadership in Georgia into a consent decree that basically adulterated the signature verification system, so that you’re comparing the ballot signatures to the application signature. They’re the same person who did the fraud.”
He added: “You should be comparing the ballot signature, the envelope signature on the ballot, to a signature that existed before the application was made. She changed that.

— Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that President-elect Joe Biden won the state of Georgia because, somehow, Democrat Stacey Abrams tricked Republicans into abetting voter fraud by helping more people legally vote, the HuffPost reports.

Georgia Clears 300k Voters from the Rolls Overnight


“Overnight, the number of registered voters in Georgia shrank by more than 300,000 in a contested but court-sanctioned action that could redefine the 2020 election,” the Washington Post reports. “State officials have downplayed the mass cancellation, arguing it is routine ‘list maintenance.’ Others say the practice amounts to a large-scale and undemocratic voter purge, which comes just over three months before Georgia’s presidential primaries.”

Georgia Sees Surge in Voter Registration


“New voters have registered in droves in Georgia since last year’s midterms, expanding the electorate ahead of the 2020 presidential election year when the state is expected to be a key political battleground,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. “More than 352,000 people signed up to vote in the past 11 months, the vast majority of them automatically registering when they obtain a driver’s license… The influx has boosted Georgia’s voter rolls to a record high of nearly 7.4 million.”

Georgia Voting Anomalies Flaunt Astronomical Odds

1 in 1 million

“To find a clue about what might have gone wrong with Georgia’s election last fall, look no further than voting machine No. 3 at the Winterville Train Depot outside Athens,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. “On machine No. 3, Republicans won every race. On each of the other six machines in that precinct, Democrats won every race. The odds of an anomaly that large are less than 1 in 1 million.”