The Real Republican Risk on Relief

“The Republican decision to vote against Biden in unison, without building much of a case against his bill, seems like the worst of all possible worlds. They are setting themselves against a bill that enjoys sky-high levels of support from both economic experts and a large chunk of their own base. It’s possible this gambit somehow works out. But if anybody regrets their political choices in the early weeks of the administration, the odds are it won’t be Biden.”

Jonathan Chait

Schumer Explains Why Dems Couldn’t Wait on GOP Moderates Like Collins

“We made a big mistake in 2009 and 2010. Susan Collins was part of that mistake. We cut back on the stimulus dramatically and we stayed in recession for five years.”

–Sen. Chuck Schumer, interviewed on CNN, when asked whether he should have done more during the relief package negotiations to win Republican votes like that of Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME).