Biden Beats 100 Million Vaccinations Goald

100 million

“The U.S. distributed the 100 millionth dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Friday, the White House COVID-19 response team confirmed,” Axios reports. “The achievement puts the Biden administration well ahead of schedule for its goal of distributing 100 million doses in the first 100 days in office, and emphasizes the extent to which the administration has aggressively ramped up vaccination efforts.”

Biden to Buy 100 Million J&J Doses

100 million

President Biden will announce today that he has directed his administration to purchase an additional 100 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, the New York Times reports. Biden’s goal is to secure enough supply to vaccinate children and — if necessary — administer booster shots to increase protection against new variants of the virus.

Herd Immunity in U.S. Possible by Summer

70% to 85%

CNN: “At the current pace of about 2 million shots per day — the latest seven-day average of doses administered reported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — the US could reach herd immunity by summer through vaccinations alone. It will likely be even sooner, if factoring in individuals who may have some natural immunity due to prior infection. … Herd immunity thresholds for Covid-19 are only estimates at this point. But experts generally agree that somewhere between 70% and 85% of the population must be protected to suppress the spread.”

Democracy’s Best Chance

“We save democracy for today, and for the next century, by making government work; by showing people in the most meaningful way that their votes matter, and that their votes count. … And right now, that means a wartime-level mobilization to get Americans vaccinated and get our country through this pandemic. The best chance for our democracy lies not with the vain hope that Republican leaders will grow spines, but with Democrats’ ability to show Americans that they do not have to settle for a government that’s set up to fail.”

— Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), writing for NBC News