Wall Street Backing Dems in Midterms

$56.8 million

“There’s still a week to go before the midterm elections, but Wall Street has already voted — with its campaign contributions,” CBS News reports. “The securities and finance industry has backed Democratic congressional candidates 63% to 37%… Democratic candidates and political action committees have received $56.8 million, compared to Republicans’ $33.4 million.”

Only One in Six Americans Owns Stock


Bloomberg: “Trump mentions the stock market almost daily in tweets or public remarks, taking direct credit for record highs by the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other indices. But only about 14 percent of U.S. families directly own stocks, an asset class dominated by the country’s top earners, according to the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, the president has also rolled back efforts to expand retirement savings options to more middle-class and low-income workers.”

Clinton Still Taking Wall Street’s Money

$21.4 million

Amount Hillary Clinton’s campaign has taken from donors at hedge funds, banks, insurance companies and other financial-services firms through the end of December — “a sign of her deep and lasting relationships with banking and investment titans.” That comes out to be more than one of every 10 dollars of the $157.8 million contributed to back her bid, the Washington Post reports.