Trump Is Beating DeSantis on Three Levels

“Trump is winning on three levels in his shadow primary against DeSantis. First, to the extent that polls matter this early in the race, Trump has widened the gap between himself and DeSantis since the start of 2023. … Second, Trump has out-hustled and out-maneuvered DeSantis on endorsements from elected officials. … Third, in outworking DeSantis on endorsements, Trump is also making it easy for the press to explain in excruciating detail all of the ways in which DeSantis is blowing it.”

Dan Drezner

Russian Lawmaker Calls for Return of ‘Stalinist Repressions’

“It’s time to introduce the concept of the ‘enemy of the people’: there’s no need to be shy about this. …Do I want Stalinist repressions? I do! Moreover my grandfather served nine years on this charge.”

— State Duma deputy Andrei Gurulyov has openly called for the return of Stalinist methods to crack down on dissent, the Daily Beast reports.