Dozens on Terrorist Watchlist Participated in Jan. 6 Capitol Riot


“Dozens of people on a terrorist watch list were in Washington for pro-Trump events Jan. 6, a day that ended in a chaotic crime rampage when a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol,” the Washington Post reports. “The majority of the watch-listed individuals in Washington that day are suspected white supremacists whose past conduct so alarmed investigators that their names had been previously entered into the national Terrorist Screening Database, or TSDB, a massive set of names flagged as potential security risks.”

$500,000 Sent to Far-Right Activists Before Insurrection


“On Dec. 8, someone made a simultaneous transfer of 28.15 bitcoins — worth more than $500,000 at the time — to 22 different virtual wallets, most of them belonging to prominent right-wing organizations and personalities,” Yahoo News reports. “Now cryptocurrency researchers believe they have identified who made the transfer, and suspect it was intended to bolster those far-right causes. U.S. law enforcement is investigating whether the donations were linked to the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol.”

White Terrorist Suspect Sought in Bombing of NAACP Offices


Agents from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were in Colorado Springs yesterday collecting evidence at the scene of a mid-morning bomb attack on the local NAACP office there yesterday. According to local media accounts, witnesses saw a balding, middle-aged white man fleeing the scene in an old white pickup truck.


Tea Party Spawns Terror Attack

Gadsden flag, then and now: left, J.B. Stoner speaks in front of the Gadsen “Don’t Tread on Me” flag at a KKK rally in 1964; right: Tea party agitator Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, leads an anti-government rally in October 2013

Let’s call Jerad and Amanda Miller, the Indiana couple who fatally shot two police officers as well as an armed citizen in Las Vegas on Sunday, what they were: right-wing domestic terrorists. To be specific, they were tea party-inspired terrorists.

The national media won’t go there, of course, because they fear offending the Republican Party and of being labeled with the dread word, “liberal.” But facts are facts. The Millers were unlike other recent mass shooters in that they weren’t simply off their meds. It is clear now that they were inspired by tea party racism and anti-government libertarianism, which has been fostered, not just by the GOP, but in the bosom of the media establishment itself, which is to say Fox News.


Norwegian Right-Wing Anti-Islam Terrorist Cited Tea Party, Nazis

Breivik in uniform of revived Knights Templar
Breivik in uniform of revived Knights Templar
In the hours immediately after the dual terror attacks in Norway last week — the bombing of a government building and a shooting rampage at a summer camp for teenagers interested in liberal politics — that left 92 dead, many conservatives in the United States (particularly this one) leapt to the conclusion that al Qaeda or some other right-wing Islamic group was responsible.

In fact, for American conservatives, especially members of the tea partyist movement, the perpetrator of the attacks was much closer to home, ideologically speaking. Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist, has much more in common with American right-wing terrorists Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph than he does Osama bin Laden.

Here is Breivik, writing in his 1,500-page manifesto, titled “2083 — A European Declaration of Independence”:


Before Tucson, Fox Vitriol Inspired Six Domestic Terror Attacks in Two and a Half Years

Domestic Terror: From left, Wilson, Williams, Adkisson, Poplawski, Von Brunn, Giusti, Beck, Goldberg
Domestic Terror: From left, Wilson, Williams, Adkisson, Poplawski, Von Brunn, Giusti, Beck, Goldberg

In an article titled, “6 Lunatics Inspired by Fox News and Glenn Beck,” published on Oct. 28 — so six weeks before before Jared Loughner’s terror attack in Tucson that left six people dead and 13 wounded, including Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords — Jim Edwards, columnist for BNET, recapped six instances over the past two-and-a-half years in which lunatics who committed violent acts, or were thwarted before they could act, later said they were inspired to violence after intense exposure to propaganda from Fox and Glenn Beck:


More on Right-Wing Influences That Drove Loughner to Violence

A week or so after crazed gunman Jared Loughner’s Jan. 8 alleged terror attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her constituents in Tucson that left six dead and 13, including Giffords, wounded, it’s the consensus now that Loughner was not driven to mass murder by Sarah Palin’s crosshairs map.

The Times asserts that only liberals like to smoke pot and listen to the Jimi Hendrix and the Doors.

The fact that there is no provable causal link between Loughner’s actions and Palin’s map does not mean Loughner, in his madness, was not influenced by GOP-tea party toxicity. As we noted on Jan. 12, Loughner was definitely influenced by a right-wing kook named David Wynn Miller and his “sovereign citizens” movement, which advocates declaring oneself exempt from laws set forth in the U.S. Constitution. Some of the more extremist factions in the right-wing militia movement are founded on a similar concept.

The Los Angeles Times also published a report on Loughner’s influences on Jan 12:


Petraeus Says Christian Extremists are Putting Troops at Risk

BookBurningPlans by a tiny Gainesville, Fla. church to burn Qurans on Sept. 11 were condemned by a guy who knows how to act toward Islam. Gen. David Petraeus is pleading with the Christian extremists to tone it down or put American troops at risk.

“It could endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort,” Gen. Petraeus said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “It is precisely the kind of action the Taliban uses and could cause significant problems. Not just here, but everywhere in the world we are engaged with the Islamic community.”

Hundreds of Afghans attended a demonstration in Kabul on Monday to protest the plans of Florida pastor Terry Jones, who has said he will burn the Quran on Sept. 11…

Military officials fear the protests are likely to spread beyond Kabul to other Afghan cities. In interviews with various media outlets, Mr. Jones has denied his protest will put troops in danger. Mr. Jones has been denied a permit for the demonstration but has said he plans to go forward with his protest anyway.

Meanwhile, people in Gainesville — home of the flagship University of Florida and its law school, and one of the few places in that part of the state that still elects Democrats — struggled to both condemn the 50-member church and to defend it.

This faux commercial for the event sums up the absurdity in Pastor Jones’ position.


Tea Baggers Exposed Gaming the Digg System


Here’s a story we doubt you’ll see reported on FOX News. AlterNet recently completed a year-long investigation into so-called “gaming the system” at the content aggregator, Digg. A Yahoo group calling itself the Digg Patriots (whose site has since been taken down) figured out how to rig Digg’s voting. If you don’t know, at Digg and many similar sites, you can vote for the stories you want to see featured prominently, or in this case, those you want “buried.” As AlterNet reported:

It’s easier to tell you what the group is against than what it’s for: Obama, progressives, diplomacy, health care reform, immigrants, science, the separation of church and state, acknowledgment of human-induced climate change, the government, pro-choice protections, public schools, and higher education. They also claim to believe Obama is a Muslim and a socialist, and that he was born in Kenya.

Literally thousands of stories have already been artificially removed from Digg due to this group. When a story is buried, it is removed from the upcoming section (where it is usually at for ~24 hours) and cannot reach the front page, so by doing this, this one group is removing the ability of the community as a whole to judge the merits or interest of these stories on their own (in essence: censoring content).

The immensity of the impact is commensurate with the reach of Digg. Again, according to Alternet:

It is ranked 50th among US websites by Alexa (117th in the world), by far the most influential social media site…Digg generates around 25 million page views per month, over one third of the page views of the NY Times. Front page stories regularly overwhelm and temporarily shut down websites in a process called the “Digg Effect.”


Conservative Olson: All Rights Aren’t Up for a Vote

Olson was probably only allowed to speak without being shouted down because of his conservative creds. After all, he was the man who won Bush v. Gore and was rewarded with the job of Solicitor General under George W. Bush. The entire exchange is great, but the part where he asks Chris Wallace whether we should also put FOX News’ right to free speech up to the voters is brilliant.