Florida Chose Not to Take Millions in Federal Dollars for Gun Violence Prevention

$15 million

Florida is leaving up to $15 million in federal money on the table that could be used to fight gun violence, reports the Tampa Bay Times. Florida was one of only six states that did not receive funding through a new federal grant to help carry out emergency risk-protection programs. Such orders are used by law enforcement to temporarily seize guns from people suspected of being a danger to themselves or others.

Nearly Half of Dems Don’t Want a Biden Candidacy, but Don’t Have an Alternative


A new Monmouth poll finds 44% of Democrats do not want President Biden to seek re-election, even though 74% have a favorable opinion of him. Also interesting: 51% of the Democratic electorate cannot offer a name when asked who they would like to see as the party’s nominee if Biden does not run. Among those who do have a preferred alternative, Vice President Kamala Harris (13%) is the only potential contender who registers above single digits.

TikTok Trackers Found on Thousands of Government Websites


Wall Street Journal: “A review of the websites of more than 3,500 companies, organizations and government entities by the Toronto-based company Feroot Security found that so-called tracking pixels from the TikTok parent company were present in 30 U.S. state-government websites across 27 states, including some where the app has been banned from state networks and devices.”