Harris Campaign Smashes Fundraising Record

$81 million

Kamala Harris is smashing fundraising records as the Democratic Party’s donors — big and small — open their wallets for the vice president in the immediate aftermath of President Joe Biden’s stunning decision to step aside, reported the Associated Press. In total, Harris’ team raised more than $81 million in the 24-hour period since Biden’s announcement, campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz said Monday.

Harris Says She Knows Trump’s Type

“I took on perpetrators of all kinds. Predators who abused women. Fraudsters who ripped off consumers. Cheaters who broke the rules for their own gain. So hear me when I say: I know Donald Trump’s type.”

— “Vice President Kamala Harris drew on her past as a prosecutor on Monday in her first campaign appearance since President Biden dropped his re-election bid, saying her law enforcement background would help her defeat a rival who is a convicted criminal,” the New York Times reports.

Trump Seems Reluctant to Debate Harris

“Now that Joe has, not surprisingly, has quit the race, I think the Debate, with whomever the Radical Left Democrats choose, should be held on FoxNews, rather than very biased ABC.”

— “Donald Trump ended Joe Biden’s campaign with a debate. But it’s not clear yet if there will be another one as Trump and his campaign are sending mixed messages about whether they’ll stick to their planned Sep. 10 debate with a new nominee,” Semafor reports.