Trump Comeback Is Unlikely

“For now, Trump dominates conversations about both present and future. His outlandish claims that he won the election except for comprehensive fraud have helped raise more than $200 million since Election Day. Many of his partisans share his dream of recapturing the presidency in 2024. For those who despise him, to paraphrase a famous Democratic speech, it seems clear the work goes on, the cause endures, the fear still lives, and the nightmare shall never die. Except it will die — most likely with more speed and force than looks possible today.”

John Harris

Trump Telethon Has Raised $207 Million Since Nov. 3

$207 million

“President Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee raised more than $207.5 million in the weeks after Election Day, his campaign announced Thursday, revealing how his unsupported claims of voting fraud have created a financial windfall that can finance his future political ambitions,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Grifter-In-Chief Continues Post-Election Fund-Raising Telethon

New York CBS2

Now that Attorney General William Barr has asserted there was no widespread fraud associated with the 2020 election, that should put an end to Trump’s shameless post-election shenanigans, right? Hardly.

Trump has only amped up his ongoing rigged-election claims, which lay at the heart of his biggest White House scam yet. Indeed, he posted to Facebook a 46-minute speech — one he called “the most important” he’s ever given — in which he claimed, again without evidence, that the presidenttial election is “under coordinated assault and siege.” He failed to note that it’s his assault and siege, and it’s on American democracy.

Some have questioned why, after losing 39 meritless lawsuits and wasting millions of dollars on pointless recounts and helplessly watching all battleground states certify their election results, Trump continues to deny and attack. Some say it’s because he is simply incapable of admitting defeat, but the real reason is simpler still — MONEY!