Three-Quarters of American Voters Say Democracy Is Under Threat


A new Quinnipiac poll finds that 74% of voters say democracy in the United States is under threat, while just 21% of voters say that democracy in the United States is alive and well.A majority of voters, 56%, say they hold President Trump responsible for the storming of the U.S. Capitol, while 42% say they do not hold him responsible. A slight majority, 52% to 45%, say President Trump should be removed from office.

Trump Telethon Has Raised $207 Million Since Nov. 3

$207 million

“President Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee raised more than $207.5 million in the weeks after Election Day, his campaign announced Thursday, revealing how his unsupported claims of voting fraud have created a financial windfall that can finance his future political ambitions,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Max Boot Adds to the List – Five Trump Atrocities against Democracy in One Week

Amy Siskind tracks the crimes committed by Trump, his family and his administration on a weekly basis at her site, “The Weekly List.” Now Max Boot, one of the thousands (millions?) of Republicans who have left the party in disgust since Trump was elected, has an op-ed up at the Washington Post in which he lists five criminal outrages committed by the so-called president in just the past week.