Christie: Rubio’s Inexperience Shows as Cowardice

I think that’s just a sign of his inexperience and if he can’t look me in the eye, he’s not going to be able to look Hillary Clinton in the eye, he’s certainly not going to be able to look Vladimir Putin in the eye.

— Gov. Chris Christie, telling Time that the most significant moment of the recent Republican debate came after Marco Rubio “couldn’t look at me in the eye” when the New Jersey governor was responding to an attack.

Trump Could Trump Trump in Debate

Trump exists so much in his own universe that engaging him, poking the bear, seems likely to cause more harm than help. But that doesn’t mean he can’t implode himself. As impressive as Trump’s numbers are, they are still inextricably tied to the Trump Brand, the bullying, swaggering, “you’re a total loser” television personality. And as anyone who has ever worked in television can tell you, your brand can evaporate in one wrong second. Donald Trump, in order to keep this up, needs to keep being Donald Trump, and that’s a more delicate balance than one might think.