It’s Not Your Imagination — All the News is About Republicans

CNN just can’t quit Trump

If you’ve been feeling like all you hear about night and day — not just on the Sunday shows but ALL THE TIME — is Republicans…well, you’re not wrong.

Even if it’s to point out the problems springing forth from the GOP/Trump side of the world, the mainstream media can’t tear its focus from what Republicans say, do, think, eat, drink, etc., ad nauseam.

That Biden and Harris are of the no-drama Obama tradition is no excuse. There are other stories to cover beyond what Trump and his followers will or will not do in the next election (or even the August “reinstatement”). The press hanging on Trump’s every word and deed is part of what got him as our president for four years. And we all know how that worked out.

Let’s say we’ve learned something since 2016 and not keep repeating the mistakes that we’re still trying to repair.

CNN’s Gogi an American Success Story

“To become chief business editor at NPR is a huge honor. In a way, it embodies the achievement of the American dream for me. I grew up in a very small town on a mountain top in a remote corner of India, where I couldn’t even have imagined this,” she wrote. “Nowhere else in the world can a person emigrate from another country and be measured not on their color, religion or creed, but on the merits of their accomplishments, perseverance and experiences of what one brings to the table. At the risk of sounding corny, I’ll say it: It is what makes America great.”

— Pallavi Gogi, a senior editor at CNNMoney, who is leaving her post to become the top business editor at NPR, reports Reliable Sources.