It’s Not Your Imagination — Gas Prices Are Higher Under Trump

Take a look at this graph from AAA and you might think, “Yes, the price of gas seems high but it’s not the highest it’s been lately. Look how high it was in June of 2015! And how about September of 2017? Thanks Obama!”

Hold on. While it’s true that the price at the pump always goes up in the summer, look at each of the past Januaries. Now are you feeling worried? You probably should be.


First Traffic Fatalities Rise in 50 Years — Blame Cheap Gas


Amount traffic fatalities rose in the United States in 2015, Reuters reports. “That runs counter to five decades of decreases. Cheaper gas, leading to more miles driven may be partly to blame. The last time U.S. traffic fatalities rose at a greater rate was in 1966, when they went up 8.1 percent. That was two years before the federal government required seat belts in cars.”

O’Reilly: Next Time You Hear a Politician Say He or She Will Bring Down Oil Prices Understand It’s Complete [Bull Shit]

Next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices understand it’s complete [bull shit]. Americans want lower gas prices — cut back. Sell those SUVs. Ride a bike when you can. If every one of us bought 10 percent less gasoline, prices would fall fast. That’s what the candidates should be saying. We need a strong leader who’s honest, smart, courageous and willing to explain dubious associations. That’s what we need.

Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, March 21, 2008