Record Number of Women Running for Governorships


Washington Post: “This year, at least 79 women — 49 Democrats and 30 Republicans — are running for governor or seriously considering it as filing deadlines approach, according to a tally by the Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University. The numbers are more than double what they were four years ago and on track to surpass the record 34 women who ran for governor in 1994.”

Women Politicians Busting Campaign Findraising Myths

One of the most persistent myths in politics — that women shy away from campaigns because they don’t ‘have the stomach’ for fundraising — is taking a beating this election cycle as women have emerged as top money makers, both for their own campaigns and on behalf of other candidates and national campaign committees.

— Patricia Murphy, writing in the Daily Beast.

Did the Google Doodle Overlook Asian Women on International Women’s Day?

It’s nice that Google went to all the trouble to draw up a (kind of strange) Google doodle to represent International Women’s Day. But some critics are asking what happened to the Asian women, who don’t really jump out of the graphic. There are a couple of ladies in the image that might be someone’s idea of Asian; still, Google was fair in making all the women in the doodle look a little bizarre. What do you think?

Mitt Said in January That Staying Home with Kids Wasn’t “Work”

It was only January — four short months ago– that former Gov. Mitt Romney applauded the idea of women abandoning their two-year-olds so they could experience “the dignity of work.” That’s work as compared to…what? Possibly, “never working a day in their lives?”

Mitt better warm up his Etch A Sketch for this one. The Mormon maladroit was caught on tape in New Hampshire, with Sen. John McCain looking doubtful, as Mitt upped his own bad bet by boasting that even if it cost the state more money to provide childcare, it was worth it to him to force women receiving assistance while he was governor of Massachusetts to get out of the house and…what was that word again? Oh yeah, WORK. You know, some number of days in their lives.

Obviously Mitt was pandering in this speech, which sets it apart not at all from every other speech he’s made. It’s always popular among the folks looking for support from Republicans and tea partiers to beat up on welfare recipients, dreaming up new and different ways to humiliate them (like drug testing) or run their lives for them, as Mitt was attempting to do here with his tough love paternalism. What they say doesn’t even have to make economic sense. Neither drug testing nor forcing needy mothers to put their children in daycare would save money. The point is to extract a pound of flesh along with that EBT card.

It’s speeches — and attitudes — like this that account for the gender gap in poll numbers that leave Republican candidates in the dust with women.