Georgia Sees Surge in Voter Registration


“New voters have registered in droves in Georgia since last year’s midterms, expanding the electorate ahead of the 2020 presidential election year when the state is expected to be a key political battleground,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. “More than 352,000 people signed up to vote in the past 11 months, the vast majority of them automatically registering when they obtain a driver’s license… The influx has boosted Georgia’s voter rolls to a record high of nearly 7.4 million.”

SnapChat Was Responsible for Registering 400,000 Voters


New York Times: “Much of the activity, the company said, was in key battleground states like Texas, Florida and Georgia. Snapchat, which is popular among teenagers and young adults, pushed people 18 and over to register by adding a button about doing so on each user’s profile page. The company also sent video messages to all of those users urging them to register. The users were directed to a nonpartisan voter registration website,”

Steyer Aims to Register 100,000 Millennials to Vote in One Month


“Tom Steyer’s NextGen America organization is working to register 100,000 students in one month at college campuses across 11 states as part of its ‘Welcome Week’ program launching this week,” Axios reports. “This is the group’s biggest voter registration effort yet, focused specifically on the most crucial bloc of non-voters, and it’s happening just three months before the 2018 midterm election.”

New Voter Registration Numbers Are Out

The new national registration totals for the United States, in the 32 jurisdictions in which the voter registration form asks the applicant to choose a party, according to Ballot Access News, are:

  • Democratic – 44,706,349 (40.30%)
  • Republican – 32,807,417 (29.57%)
  • Independent – 30,818,334 (27.78%)
  • Libertarian – 511,277 (.46%)
  • Green – 258,683 (.23%)
  • Constitution – 97,893 (.09%)
  • Working Families – 52,748 (.05%)