LePage Blames Asylum-Seekers for Bringing ‘Ziki’ Flies to Maine

Asylum seekers — I think the biggest problem in our state — and I’ll explain that to you… And what happens is you get hepatitis C, tuberculosis, AIDS, HIV, the ‘ziki fly’ [sic] all these other foreign type of diseases that find a way to our land.

— Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R), saying that asylum seekers are the biggest problem for his state, MPBN News reports.

More than Half of U.S. Governors Against Admitting Syrian Refugees


Number of U.S. Governors who say they are opposed to letting Syrian refugees seek asylum in their state. “The political calculus behind these gestures becomes apparent when you look at new polling data released today by the Public Religion Research Institute, which finds that a majority of Americans — 56 percent — say that the values of Islam are “at odds” with America’s values and way of life. This is up significantly from 2011, when only 47 percent of Americans said this.”

Obama Ridicules GOP ‘Tough Talk’ Over Syrian Refugees

These are the same folks who suggested they’re so tough that just talk to Putin or staring down ISIL [will work] … but they’re scared of widows and orphans …. First they were worried the press was too tough on them in the debates, now they’re worried about 3-year old orphans. That doesn’t sound very tough to me.

— President Obama, quoted by NBC News, blasting GOP presidential candidates for rhetoric about Syrian refugees.