Fox Went 90 Minutes Without Discussing GOPO Losses on Election Night


Slate: “The biggest political story of the hour is that Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie went down big in Virginia after running a Trump-esque campaign fixated on inflammatory culture-war issues, losing to Democrat Ralph Northam by what looks like it will end up as a nine-point margin. It’s the biggest story of the hour, that is, unless you’re watching Fox News: As observed by political writer Chris Hooks, Donald Trump’s favorite network spent more than 90 minutes in prime time on Tuesday — Election Night! — between discussions of election results.”

Obama Ridicules GOP ‘Tough Talk’ Over Syrian Refugees

These are the same folks who suggested they’re so tough that just talk to Putin or staring down ISIL [will work] … but they’re scared of widows and orphans …. First they were worried the press was too tough on them in the debates, now they’re worried about 3-year old orphans. That doesn’t sound very tough to me.

— President Obama, quoted by NBC News, blasting GOP presidential candidates for rhetoric about Syrian refugees.

Krauthammer Tells Republicans to Dial it Back

But the one advice I give to Republicans is stop calling it a huge scandal. Stop saying it’s a Watergate. Stop saying it’s Iran Contra. Let the facts speak for themselves. Have a special committee, a select committee. The facts will speak for themselves. Pile them on but don’t exaggerate, don’t run ads about Hillary. It feeds the narrative for the other side that it’s only a political event. It’s not. Just be quiet and present the facts.

— Charles Krauthammer, appearing on “Real Clear Politics” video.

Tucker Carlson Operative Heckles President at White House News Conference

An employee of Tucker Carlson, the Swanson frozen foods heir and failed TV pundit who now runs The Daily Caller, a Republican propaganda “news” site, put the GOP’s disrespect for the office of the presidency on display once again when he heckled Pres. Obama during a news conference at the White House yesterday.

The operative, Neil Munro, was at the news conference because the White House Correspondents Association, the gatekeeper organization that decides which media outlets are allowed to attend White House news events, plays along with the ruse that the Daily Caller, Fox News and the rest are news organizations not propaganda mills.

The purpose of the news conference was to announce Pres. Obama’s plan to end the deportation of children of undocumented immigrants who have been raised in the United States.

“Excuse me, sir. It’s not time for questions, sir,” the president said in response to Munro’s first interruption. But Munro continued, demanding to know if the president would take questions. “Not while I’m speaking.” When the heckler continued shouting at the president, Obama responded, “I didn’t ask for an argument. I’m answering your question.”

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Republican Pundits Come Out Strongly in Favor of Apologizing to BP

Now there can be no doubt whose side they are on:

PAT BUCHANAN: “Barton made a very courageous statement in my judgment. … To have anyone stand up and even indirectly defend [BP] and say that they were a victim of a shakedown shows some political courage.”

INGRAHAM: “I think Joe Barton, before he apologized, had a legitimate point.”

NAPOLITANO: “That is a classic shakedown. The threat to do something that you don’t have the authority to do. ”

KILMEADE: “One Congressman calling the BP compensation fund a ’shakedown,’ but does he have a point?”

GINGRICH: “The president is directly engaged in extorting money from a company.”

VARNEY: “It is Hugo Chavez-like, is it not? To seize a private company’s assets.”