Republican Pundits Come Out Strongly in Favor of Apologizing to BP

Now there can be no doubt whose side they are on:

PAT BUCHANAN: “Barton made a very courageous statement in my judgment. … To have anyone stand up and even indirectly defend [BP] and say that they were a victim of a shakedown shows some political courage.”

INGRAHAM: “I think Joe Barton, before he apologized, had a legitimate point.”

NAPOLITANO: “That is a classic shakedown. The threat to do something that you don’t have the authority to do. ”

KILMEADE: “One Congressman calling the BP compensation fund a ’shakedown,’ but does he have a point?”

GINGRICH: “The president is directly engaged in extorting money from a company.”

VARNEY: “It is Hugo Chavez-like, is it not? To seize a private company’s assets.”