Sanders Wins Endorsement from


Number of ballots cast in online balloting that ran from last Thursday through Sunday night to win the endorsement of the liberal advocacy group, Politico reports. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders prevailed, “winning 78.6 percent of the vote out of 340,665 ballots cast — both records in terms of most votes cast and largest margin of victory. Just 14.6 percent voted for Hillary Clinton, and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley earned 0.9 percent, with 5.9 percent of ballots in favor of not endorsing a particular candidate this time.”

In Anti-Austerity Push, Hacks Fox News’ Ticker: ‘We Are Being Lied To – America Is Not Broke’ hijacked the news ticker at Fox News world headquarters and inserted this message:

“We are being lied to. Rightwingers are destroying the middle class and trying to kill our unions. The country is not broke. We are the richest country in the world. USA is twice as rich as China. Our economy is bigger than most of Europe combined. We are not broke. We are being lied to. We will rise up. We will fight back. We will spread the truth.”

This is part of Rebuild the Dream, a new anti-austerity initiative from, which will be launched on June 23 in New York City in an event hosted by Van Jones and featuring the Roots and artist/DJ Shepard Fairey.

Seriously MoveOn? You Want Us to Do What?


I like, I really do. I agree with them in almost every area. But their idea for protesting corporate tax deadbeats, aka large employers, in local communities has to be one of the worst ideas they’ve ever had.

In one fell swoop, we come out against employers and in favor of taxes. What kind of awful news soundbites and images will this produce?

Mind you, there are plenty of reasons to hate, say, FedEx, not the least of which is that their poor drivers are “contract workers” who own their own trucks so the company can avoid maintenance costs, unions, and health care and retirement benefits. But going to the local FedEx office to protest the source of your neighbor’s livelihood seems like a photo op dreamed up by James O’Keefe himself.

Others on the target list are GE, Boeing, BP, Google, Citigroup, Amazon, Chase, Goldman Sachs, ExxonMobil, WellsFargo, and Bank of America.

Here’s the email I got from MoveOn, explaining the concept.

Dear MoveOn member,

Nobody knows the details of Friday night’s budget agreement to keep the government from shutting down.

But here’s one thing we can be pretty sure of: the pain will fall mainly on poor and middle-class Americans, while billions in tax breaks, loopholes, and handouts for corporations will remain untouched.

Those same billions could keep food in the mouths of hungry women and children, fund critical medical research, and do the actual work of reducing our deficit.