House Democrats Unveil $750 Billion Infrastructure Plan

$750 billion

“House Democrats on Wednesday plan to unveil a five-year, $760 billion framework for rebuilding the nation’s highways, airports and other infrastructure, laying out an election-year package with little chance of enactment after bipartisan talks with the White House on the issue failed to gain traction,” the New York Times reports.

Why Change Horses When You’re Drowning in Mid-Stream?

Despite being out of power in the House for all but four of the last 22 years, the Democrats have not kicked out any of their leaders. While Speaker Jim Wright resigned in 1989 due to scandal, no other Democratic speaker or leader (either majority or minority) has been removed by the party or left early. After losing control in the House in 2010, Nancy Pelosi stayed atop the caucus as the Minority Leader. Her predecessor, Dick Gephardt, maintained his job despite continual failed elections. The same thing happened during Democratic losses of control in 1946 and 1952, with Sam Rayburn sliding from Speaker to Minority Leader.

Joshua Spivak

56 Democratic Lawmakers Say They Would Endorse Hillary Clinton for Prez


Number of Democratic lawmakers who say they would endorse Hillary Clinton for president if she launches a 2016 White House bid, according to a new survey by The Hill. “The level of support is astounding, especially 2 1/2 years before the Democratic Party hosts its nominating convention. The total represents more than 20 percent of the 253 Democrats in the House and Senate. It is also more than half of the lawmaker endorsements Clinton received in 2008.”