Coulter Disses Ramaswamy on His Own Podcast

“You are so bright and articulate — and I guess I can call you “articulate” since you’re not an American Black. Can’t say that about them, that’s derogatory,” she sneered, before turning her venom towards his own skin color. … I agreed with many, many things you said during — in fact, probably more than most other candidates when you were running for president, but I still would not have voted for you because you’re an Indian.”

— Abhorrent Republican racist Ann Coulter, to Vivek Ramaswamy on his own podcast.

Clueless Coulter Bashes Haley

“This is my country, lady. I’m not an American Indian, and I don’t like them taking down all the monuments.”

— Conservative pundit Ann Coulter said Nikki Haley — who was born in South Carolina — should “go back to your own country” after the former South Carolina governor announced her 2024 presidential candidacy. Coulter took issue with Haley removing the Confederate flag from the state capitol in 2015 after a White supremacist shot and killed nine people at a historically Black church in Charleston.

Coulter ‘Worships’ Trump, But Wants to Shoot Him

My worship for him is like the people of North Korea worship Dear Leader — blind loyalty. Once he gave that Mexican rapist speech, I’ll walk across glass for him. That’s basically it. Unlike the crazy Cruz supporters, I’ll criticize him, and I have, but it’s all minor stylistic stuff. We all want to shoot him at various times.

— Ann Coulter, quoted by Bloomberg’s Josh Green. on her support of Donald Trump.

Coulter: The Point of Hannity’s Show is to Elect Romney

Anyone who donates to Mitt Romney, and I mean the big donors, ought to say if Andrea Saul isn’t fired and off the campaign tomorrow, they are not giving another dime, because it is not worth fighting for this man if this is the kind of spokesman he has…There’s no point in you doing your show, [emphasis added] there’s no point in going to the convention and pushing for this man if he’s employing morons like this.

Ann Coulter, exploding on the Sean Hannity Show over another gaffe from the Romney campaign, but also putting to rest the notion that FOX News is anything but a vehicle for advancing Republicans and the conservative agenda. When she said that if Romney can’t run a better campaign then there is no point in Hannity doing his show, she acknowledged that the purpose of Hannity’s show is to elect Romney and other Republicans.

Eating Their Own: Coulter Hates Jeb

I think, on closer examination, Jeb Bush would be the worst of all candidates to run. For one thing, we don’t need another Bush. That would be embarrassing to the Republican Party. He’s more pro amnesty for illegals than his brother was, more than Rick Perry was.

— Republican color commentator Ann Coulter, announcing she hates Jeb Bush and apparently wasn’t too fond of his big brother either. Could have fooled us.