Trump Starts Weblog; Internet Surrenders

There’s a new and improved reason why we here at Pensito World Headquarters are proud that we are not just another weblog — Donald Trump has started blogging on his Trump University site. It makes us glad that we are instead, in the words of Jon Pensito, “an on-line news and opinion journal” where the elite meet to bleat.

In an article on, Alexander Wolfe quotes Michael Gartenberg, vice president and research director at Jupitermedia: “If Donald Trump is blogging, then blogging is about as mainstream as it gets.” Ew!

And while Gartenberg expressed hope that The Donald would embrace the medium and post a lot of cool, insightful stuff so “we could see what makes him tick,” a sampling of some of Trump’s postings bodes ill in the insight department:

June 28: Trump has ultimately become a great brand name due to my rigorous standards of quality. The Trump brand carries a promise that whatever bears the name will be elite.

July 5: I’d be lying if I said I don’t think about my legacy. The values I hold true and the buildings I’ve put up are intended to carry beyond the here and now; I want them to survive well past my own time on earth.

August 8: The glamour and grandeur of my buildings and my life are no mere trappings.

Add to that claptrap the fawning posts of Trump’s circle of obsequious toadies, and you’ve got something akin to a Trump fanzine for middle-aged white men:

From Adam Eisenstat, director of communications for Trump University, comes “Donald Trump is the colossus of the New York City skyline. He stands astride the buildings that bear his name–his signature branded on the cityscape.”

From Michael Sexton, president of Trump University, we get: “Donald Trump has long had a high profile, but only recently, with the popularity of The Apprentice, has he assumed the dimensions of a folk hero.”

Man, what I wouldn’t give to say “YOU’RE FIRED!!” to all three of these Bozos.


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