GOP Senator Says He’ll Vote Against Press Limits on Impeachment Trial

“There is an effort to limit the press …. I’m going to vote against that, if I’m allowed to vote. U.S. senators are grown women and grown men. If they don’t want to make a comment, they know how to say ‘no comment.”

— Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) distanced himself from proposed restrictions on reporters covering the upcoming Senate impeachment trial, calling it a “huge mistake,” The Hill reports.

Nancy Pelosi Is All In Against Trump

“What is most striking about this moment in Pelosi’s career is that at the peak of power, she is not protecting her position but rather using it in aggressive, even risky ways. Impeaching Trump is a gamble for Pelosi. It has intensified Republicans’ fealty to the President, rallying his base and supercharging his campaign fundraising, potentially increasing his re-election chances. The polarizing effort could jeopardize Democrats who hold seats in Trump territory, and thereby endanger Pelosi’s House majority. With impeachment, Pelosi is betting her own place in history.”

Molly Ball

Pelosi Warns Senate Not to Be ‘Complicit’ in Trump’s Coverup

“The President and Sen. McConnell have run out of excuses. They must allow key witnesses to testify, and produce the documents Trump has blocked, so Americans can see the facts for themselves. The Senate cannot be complicit in the President’s cover-up.”

— Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement about John Bolton’s offer to testify in a Senate impeachment trial.

Trump 2011: Obama Will Start a War Because He Is Weak and Desperate to Be Reelected

Yesterday Trump ordered a raid that resulted in the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. By all accounts, the assassination of such a high-level military and political leader in Iran risks ignited a conflagration in the Middle East that poses a threat to peace worldwide.

Why did he do it? Trump frequently projects his own faults and foibles onto others — “Crooked Hillary,” is a prime example. Similarly, the video clip above of a rant Trump posted against his archenemy, Pres. Obama, back in 2011 provides an insight into his motives.