Sen. Tom Coburn Says Pres. Obama Is ‘Perilously Close’ To Being Impeached

Frustrated that they haven’t been able to beat Pres. Obama fairly and squarely, the Republican Party’s base is signalling it is ready to initiate its gambit-of-last-resort and commence impeachment proceedings against Obama.

They can’t say yet what high crimes and misdemeanors the president has committed, but they are sure that if Chairman Issa will just keep looking, he’ll find something. The other obstacle is that they need to both keep the House and take the Senate next year, a prospect that appears likely.

Impeachment has come up in a few Republican congressional town halls during the summer recess. Texas Tea Party Sen. Ted Cruz is on board, of course, as are a couple of hard-core nobodies in the House. The new wrinkle is that now Oklahoma GOP Sen. Tom Coburn — who the DC punditocracy insists is a reasonable fellow — jumped on the bandwagon. He told a room full of constituents that Pres. Obama is “getting perilously close” to having committed an impeachable offense: