Hix in Stix Nix Palin Pix


Gross box-office receipts for the third (and probably final) weekend of the theatrical release of “The Undefeated,” the deceptively titled, nearly two-hour long propaganda piece on the tea-baggers’ Dear Leader, Sarah Palin. The right-wing filmmakers were hoping to build boffo box office by appealing to Palin’s fan base of millions of dumbasses in suburbs and rural towns. Apparently, however, the movie was so bad that even idiocrats stayed away in droves. The movie opened in 10 theatres during its first weekend (July 15-17), peaked at 14 theatres the next weekend (July 22-24) and was down to four theatres last weekend (July 29-31). It will now go straight to video — offering more proof, as if any were needed, that conservative movies always suck.