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Lame Blame Game

After two more mass shootings, Trump seeks to lay blame,
And he doesn’t like “white nationalist” attached to his name.
Seeking to find fault,
Trump opens his shibboleth vault,
And trots out mental illness, the internet and video games.

While in London, Trump was greeted and feted by the queen,
Theresa May gave him a breakfast of scones and clotted cream.
But Boris Johnson
Decided to refrain from
Meeting someone with whom he preferred not to be seen.

Mark of McCain

If you need proof that Donald Trump’s insane,
Just consider his obsession with the late John McCain.
When Trump visited Japan,
The White House had to plan
A way to hide the battleship that bears McCain’s name.

The New Inkslinger

Doesn’t Don Jr.’s beard give him a Bohemian look?
And since when does he carry a pen and notebook?
If he starts wearing a beret,
We’ll know what to say:
“Look, Donald Trump Jr.’s writing a book!”

What a Joker!

When it comes to illegal immigrants, Trump’s in favor of booting ’em.
And asylum-seekers and migrants, Trump’s in favor of excluding ’em.
But in Panama City
It did seem that he
Jokingly indicated that he is also in favor of shooting ’em.

Just Fellow Colludniks

So Trump insists there is no collusion,
Despite contrary evidence in profusion.
But when he spends 90 minutes on the phone
With Vladimir Putin — alone,
Well, you can begin to understand our confusion.

Here’s the Rub

At Mar-A-Lago Li Yang was a-tending
To the presidential access she was vending.
She was the yin to Trump’s yang,
Introducing Wang, Chen and Zhang,
Helping everyone achieve happy ending.

The Limits of Trumplomacy

A Third World dictator meeting with the purported envoy of democracy,
Turned into a futile exercise in global-stage pomp and idiocy.
During amateur hour,
The meeting went sour,
As they explored the outer limits of reality-TV Trumplomacy.

Ivanka, Job Maker

Donald Trump thinks we’re all justa buncha yobs,
Who believe the outrageous lies he lobs.
In a speech just yesterday,
He had the temerity to say,
His daughter Ivanka had created “millions of jobs.”

His Other Chosen Son

It’s the universe’s most coveted endorsement,
And it carries the clout of the firmament.
Almost half of Republicans
And more evangelical Christians
Believe God wanted Donald Trump to be president.