Keep Talking Trump. You’re Getting Less Popular Each Day


New polls are showing the limits of Americans rallying around their leader in times of crisis.

The more Trump crows during his daily free TV rally that his poll numbers are excellent, the more they show signs of declining. After Trump tweeted a New York Times quote that said, “President Trump is a ratings hit,” Never Trumper Rick Wilson responded:

“This is what you are to him, Americans. An audience. Not his constituents. Not the people who hired him. Not even humans. You’re boxes in a spreadsheet of his Nielsen ratings.”

Trump’s focus on opinion polls over COVID-19 death tolls is repugnant and even the people who tune in every day to hear him brag about himself are starting to see it. Polls on his handling of the coronavirus crisis from Friday, March 27 showed him with a slight majority of approval. After listening to him crow about these results as if they were the most important development all weekend, Monday’s polls found his approval rating lowered to a tie with his disapproval rating.

And his only poll movement has been in this one area, the handling of the coronavirus. His overall job approval ratings are still underwater.

If you’re giving Trump free air time in your own head by tuning in to the largely fact-free daily briefing, stop. You won’t miss anything important because that will be reported later anyway.

What you will miss are Trump’s boasts, Trump’s lies, and Trump’s promises that never seem to be kept. For example, we’ve been just about to manufacture more ventilators since Trump began talking. We’ve been just about to develop a vaccine. We’ve been almost ready with a test that would show if you had the virus and survived it with a level of immunity. If and when any of those things happen, you won’t need to hear about them from Trump.

There’s a new hashtag on Twitter and it’s worth heeding. #BoycottTrumpPressConferences


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