How to Worship Trump: Rick Wilson’s Rules for the GOP Cult

Rick Wilson

All cults have rules, and the Republicans’ Trump cult is no exception. Renegade Republican Rick Wilson has come up with a set of rules intended to provide guidance for members of the cult and those who aspire to bask in Supreme Leader’s radiance.

Fortunately for members, the rules for cults of personality are all pretty much the same — whether Dear Leader is Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Jim Jones or Donald J. Trump.


GOP Senator Says He’ll Vote Against Press Limits on Impeachment Trial

“There is an effort to limit the press …. I’m going to vote against that, if I’m allowed to vote. U.S. senators are grown women and grown men. If they don’t want to make a comment, they know how to say ‘no comment.”

— Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) distanced himself from proposed restrictions on reporters covering the upcoming Senate impeachment trial, calling it a “huge mistake,” The Hill reports.