Bush’s Numbers Are in the Toilet: Time for a Terror Alert!

It’s a really bad week to be George Bush.

First, instead of being applauded for his Supreme Court nominee, as the Press Poodles and Congressional GOoPers used to reliably do, he was accused yet again of cronyism.

O.K., forget the domestic stuff, he calls a press conference to remind everyone that our nation was once attacked with no provocation — you know, kind of like Iraq was.

Sorry Georgie, your numbers are still in the crapper, so what else you got for me? Bingo! A terror alert, “and this time we really mean it” to boot.

I sincerely hope Bush is not proven right on the threat this time (lord knows, if he keeps saying it, eventually even by sheer coincidence, he might be right) but I doubt I will be. I also doubt this latest threat-level elevation thingie will lift his approval number above its really bad 37%.


3 thoughts on “Bush’s Numbers Are in the Toilet: Time for a Terror Alert!”

  1. YES he needs to be impeached! first he lied to get to invade iraq! Second he is a president that has never been elected! His brother stole fla for him and i do not know how he got Ohio but it is a big laugh too! our VOTING system STINKS and so does BUSH! This GAS pricing is a crock of bull concocked by BUSH!

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