Christians: Penguins Evidence of Intelligent Design

The angels wore tuxedos: According to, the documentary “March of the Penguins” proves the doctrine of intelligent design. The film by Luc Jacquet documents the nine-month-long mating cycle of emperor penguins in Antarctica: The birds exit the water at the coast, waddle 70 miles inland to nesting grounds, mate, lay an egg and then take turns waddling the 140-mile round-trip to eat fish.

“The complexity of the penguins’ lifestyle testifies to a Divine Creator,” said one commentator on Christian Answers. “To think that natural selection or even the penguins themselves could come up with the idea to migrate miles and miles multiple times each year without their partner or their offspring is a bit insulting to my intellect. How great is our God!”

I think the best argument against intelligent design is the continued existence of people who believe in it. Instead, the existence of critters like the Christian commentator cited above is better explained by natural selection, since they tend to marry people who share their Christian views and then mate and produce little Christians, thereby perpetuating their kind (and ideology).

The problem with the whole intelligent design debate is that it is not exclusive of evolution, which is pretty intelligent — I give you the duck-billed platypus with its cool hybrid styling and most radical poison barb. How great is our Darwin!


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