White House Stage Management – Always Overboard – Goes Over the Top

“In a ruined city – still largely without power, stinking with piles of garbage and still 40 percent submerged; where people are foraging in the miasma and muck for food, corpses and the sentimental detritus of their lives; and where unbearably sad stories continue to spill out about hordes of evacuees who lost their homes and patients who died in hospitals without either electricity or rescuers – isn’t it rather tasteless, not to mention a waste of energy, to haul in White House generators just to give the president a burnished skin tone and a prettified background?

Maureen Dowd


One thought on “White House Stage Management – Always Overboard – Goes Over the Top”

  1. Sowhat can ya expekt frum Dumya ‘n gang, sumpin kind, gentle, understandin, ‘n buval, kumpashunit? Yagota member whut hiz Ma said, ya ‘membr…lik-“dey ain had nutin’ n waz, so dis wurkt out guuuuud fer dem, ya kno?

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