Jebby Bush Could Be Serving Uncle’s ‘Noble Cause’ in Iraq – Is Nabbed for Being Drunk Instead

OYE Alert! Jebby Bush Jr., age 21, was picked up for being drunk in Austin, Texas, last night. Instead of carousing, it seems like this young member of President Bush’s family would have something better to do – like serving in the war in Iraq, which the president has called a “noble cause.” Instead:

John Ellis Bush Jr., the youngest son of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and the President’s nephew, was busted in Texas yesterday for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

John (Jebby) Bush, 21, allegedly wobbled up to Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents and Austin police on duty in the city’s downtown entertainment district and started questioning them about the earlier arrests of some people he knew.

Bush was drunk and “he was observed to be a danger to himself and others,” said TABC Capt. David Ferrero – so he was arrested too.

An arrest affidavit said Bush continually pushed against a TABC officer who was trying to handcuff him. “Subject further resisted by pushing back with his body as he was restrained at the [Austin PD] transport van,” it said.

Young Bush got a cut on the chin and was treated at a local hospital. He was released on a $2,500 personal recognizance bond.


2 thoughts on “Jebby Bush Could Be Serving Uncle’s ‘Noble Cause’ in Iraq – Is Nabbed for Being Drunk Instead”

  1. silly rabbit — chimpy’s extended family are WAR PROFITEERS. They don’t risk their lives in war and they don’t take financial risks in war either — they FINANCE NAZIS AND STEAL FEDERAL FUNDS through the likes of halliburton and company.

  2. What jumped out at me when I read this story (which I was going to blog when I got around to it) was the Bushes (Jeb and Columba) saying, “This is a private family matter.” Actually, few things are more a public matter than getting arrested, which is what our nation’s founders intended. They wanted us to be able to know at all times what the police were doing and who they were doing it to, to keep them honest. If you want to talk about a private, family matter, that would be something like the decision to take your long brain-dead wife off life support.

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