Katrina: While Bush Dawdles Big Media Donates

In the aftermath of Katrina, the nation’s largest media conglomerates are stepping up and donating big bucks toward hurricane relief, even as Congress mosies back into session and George Bush characterizes the feeble federal response as “unacceptable.”

According to Variety, media giants are funneling millions into the effort:

Walt Disney contributed $1 million donation to the American Red Cross for immediate relief efforts, $1 million for children’s charities targeted at rebuilding efforts , and $500,000 for volunteer centers.

Viacom is planning a $1 million cash donation and a worldwide employee matching gift program directed to the American Red Cross.

MTV, VH1 and CMT were expected to announce a star-studded benefit for disaster relief.

Time Warner, the world’s biggest media conglomconglom, said it will start by matching $1 million in employee contributions to the American Red Cross.

Turner Broadcasting is making a separate immediate donation of $250,000 to the Red Cross.

The Red Cross has called its current efforts the “largest mobilization in the history of the organization,” with more than 45,000 people in some 250 shelters across the area. It has set up 15 emergency kitchens capable of feeding 350,000 people.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Red Cross had raised more than $20 million — about on par with the tsunami relief efforts in late 2004.


2 thoughts on “Katrina: While Bush Dawdles Big Media Donates”

  1. “Katrina: While Bush Dawdles Big Media Donates”

    Is there any limit to the depth of incompetence Bush and the Cadre of Cretins in his maladministration will reach?

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