Ultra-Rightwing Washington Times Eviscerates Bush’s Reaction to Deep South Disaster

The owner of the Washington Times is the Rev. Sun Yung Moon and his Unification Church, a neofascist rightwing cult whose adherents were once known as Moonies. The following was edited by the paper’s editorial director, Tony Blankley, a conservative tool whose bona fides include working in the Reagan White House and serving as Newt Gingrich’s press secretary:

Troops are finally moving into New Orleans in realistic numbers, and it’s past time. What took the government so long? The thin veneer separating civilization and chaos, which we earlier worried might collapse in the absence of swift action, has collapsed.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has suspended his police department’s search-and-rescue operations to struggle with looters. Health-care centers remain under siege. The evacuation of thousands of refugees from the squalor and stink of the Superdome, inexcusably delayed, was delayed further when someone fired on a military helicopter … If this is not hell, it is close to it.

This horror will not subside with the flood. The government must treat the battlefield of Katrina as it would any other field of engagement: Protect and provide for the innocent and eliminate the enemy, and do it now, before we lose New Orleans. Send the 40,000 troops Gov. Kathleen Blanco has requested…

We expected to see, many hours ago, the president we saw standing atop the ruin of the World Trade Center, rallying a dazed country to action. We’re pleased he finally caught a ride home from his vacation, but he risks losing the one trait his critics have never dented: His ability to lead, and be seen leading.


4 thoughts on “Ultra-Rightwing Washington Times Eviscerates Bush’s Reaction to Deep South Disaster”

  1. All the cats are out of the bag but the “Malignant Narcissist” (Dumbya) displays the sociopathic lying he is so famous for and is at this moment telling Press People that he is satisfied with the response of the Coast Guard..he sent 1200 troops yesterday and the day before and another 1200 today…the oil pipeline will be able to flow at more than 47% to the refineries and that is according to him the best news…..no mention of the thousands of dead bodies in the flood waters of NO nor his role in eliminating the funding which might have reduced the extent of the damage, cutting $71 million to shore up the levees nor his role in ignoring Environmentalists who told him you can’t build in wetlands…they are necessary for flood control….no mention why there were no tents tarps food water etc. waiting for the storm to pass so they could provide the help which would surely be needed. On the message boards there is a poster with a great sig line, “Support Our Troops, Impeach Bush”….and why is it that he needs Clinton and his Daddy to help him out? Has he EVER taken responsibility for anything?

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