Republicans Are Not Deficit Hawks

“What Republicans want is to spend at levels they think appropriate (more on defense and some domestic programs, less on others) and to tax at levels they think appropriate (generally less, especially for the wealthy). They are consistent in those preferences. They don’t care — at all — about how the revenues the government receives from those taxes compares to overall government spending. Republican preferences don’t add up, which is why deficits leap up every time they get to control policy.”

Jonathan Bernstein

Senate Tax Bill to Add $1 Trillion to Deficit

$1 trillion

“Congress’ nonpartisan tax analysts have concluded the Senate Republicans’ tax plan would add $1 trillion to the deficit over 10 years, contradicting White House promises the bill would pay for itself and complicating GOP leaders’ efforts to find the support they need to pass the bill through a closely divided Senate,” the Washington Post reports.

Fewer than a Third of Voters Back Trump’s Tax Plan


Reuters/IPSOS: Of those adults who said they had heard of the “tax reform plan recently proposed by congressional Republicans,” just 28 percent said they support it, while 41 percent said they oppose it and another 31 percent said they do not know. The poll found opinions on Trump’s plan were sharply divided along party lines, with 56 percent of Republicans and just 9 percent of Democrats supporting it.

GOP Unveils Tax Plan That Would Double Deficit, Add Four Times More Debt Than Stimulus, Health-Care Reform Combined

Just days after the release of data showing that Pres. Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress had reduced the federal deficit by 13 percent — down $103 billion — over the past year, the Republicans have released a tax plan that the Washington Post says would increase the deficit by a multiplier of four, compared with the stimulus and health-care reform, policies the GOP voted against, claiming they were too expensive:


Reagan Raised Taxes At Least 7 Times, Including the Biggest Corporate Tax Hike Ever

Republican former Sen. Alan Simpson — who was a friend of Pres. Ronald Reagan and who was conservative enough to be elected to the Senate three times by voters in Wyoming, Dick Cheney’s home state — is fed up by what the called the “myths and misconceptions and the distortions” about Reagan’s record on raising taxes.

Simpson, who serves on the federal commission charged with finding solutions to lowering the national debt, spoke out during a recent public hearing.