Olbermann: If Trump’s Coup Had Worked, He Would Have Executed Biden, Harris and Others

Camp Delta prison facility at Guantanamo, Cuba
Camp Delta prison facility at Guantanamo, Cuba

Keith Olbermann on “Countdown”: For all those wringing their hands about disqualifying Trump from the ballot via the 14th Amendment without a conviction: What would Donald Trump have done with Joe Biden if January 6th had somehow worked?

Or TO him?

It’s January 20, 2021 and the 46th President-Elect of the United States is prevented by whatever means from assuming office as demanded by the Constitution and Trump remains in power extra-legally, extra-judicially, extra-constitutionally.

And we are supposed to believe that Biden would have been left free to speak in public, on television, on social media, to the press, in the courts, to the Speaker Pelosi or Majority Leader Schumer, to the Democratic governors with their authority over the National Guard?

Trump would have found a pretext to detain him. Or he HAD a pretext to detain him; a plan we just haven’t found out about. Having once crossed the ultimate threshold – ENDING 237 years of American democracy – having retained power as a dictator by some other name, what would Trump have then NOT been willing to do? And most importantly, what Trump would have done with a man he would’ve wanted the world to believe was an extra, illegitimate American president who had somehow plotted against Trump?

He would have had Joe Biden killed.

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DeSantis’ Refusal of Millions in Federal Transportation Dollars Called ‘Boneheaded’


Florida is the only state in the nation that refused its share of $6.4 billion in free money for transportation-related projects to curb tailpipe emissions across the state. The Tampa Bay Times editorial board called it a “boneheaded” decision that “is jarring for its ignorance, hypocrisy and nakedly political motivations.”

    Other factoids from the column:

  • Florida’s share of the money would $364 million
  • Florida ranks 15th among the states with the highest diesel fuel emissions
  • Florida commute times have grown 11% over the past decade
  • Transportation accounts for half of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Florida’s slice of the $6.4 billion would have been the third most allotted among the 50 states
  • The money could have been used for mass transit, pedestrian and bike trails, electronic toll booths, energy-efficient street lights, even electrical upgrades at port facilities

Gov. Ron “Bonehead” DeSantis has said that climate change is “politicization of the weather.” Florida DOT Secretary Jared “Bonehead” Perdue complained the program was an example of government overreach that was “the continued politicization of our roadways.”

This is another example of DeSantis selling out Florida’s citizens and future for the sake of his presidential ambitions. Just think of the wonderful things L’il Puddin’ Fingers could do as president ….

Trump Merch at Trump Store in Trump Tower Is Not Made in the USA

Walter Masterson

Mark Frauenfelder posted an expose on Boing Boing that found that none of the merchandise for sale at the Trump Store in Trump Tower in New York was made in the United States of America (surprise!). But Frauenfelder explains it this way:

My guess is the merchandise was made in MAGA Land, but the tags were made in China. That’s probably because Crooked Joe Biden made a deal with China. Once Trump is running things, he will make sure everything is made in MAGA Land!

Follow the link to see the video.

Biden: ‘No Question’ Trump Supported Insurrection

“He certainly supported an insurrection. No question about it. None. Zero. And he seems to be doubling down about everything.”

— President Biden said that it’s “no question” that Donald Trump supported the Jan. 6 insurrection, a day after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled to disqualify Trump from appearing on the GOP ballot next year, The Messenger reports.

Poll: Young Voters Overwhelmingly Support Biden

The Hill: “Young voters overwhelmingly say they would support President Biden over former President Trump in a hypothetical head-to-head match-up if the 2024 presidential election were held today, according to a poll released Wednesday.

“In the Economist/YouGov poll — conducted via web-based interviews Dec. 16-18 — more than half (53 percent) of registered voters under 30 said they would support Biden, and less than a quarter (24 percent) said they would support Trump.

“Another 10 percent said they would support another candidate, 4 percent said they were not sure, and 9 percent said they wouldn’t vote.”

Disqualifying Trump Is a Step Too Far

“To deny the voters the chance to elect the candidate of their choice is a Rubicon-crossing event for the judiciary. It would be seen forever by tens of millions of Americans as a negation of democracy. It is not enough that their belief is plausibly wrong or likely wrong. It must be incontrovertibly wrong to support such a momentous step. … I suspect the Supreme Court – which is more a political body than a legal body in major issues like this – will blanche at taking such a step, and I think that judgment would be correct.”

Jonathan Chait

Consumer Confidence Surged 10+ Points in December


US consumer confidence rose in December by the most since early 2021 as Americans grew more upbeat about the labor market and the inflation outlook. The Conference Board’s index increased to 110.7 in December from a revised 101 reading in November, data published Wednesday showed. The median estimate in a Bloomberg survey of forecasters called for a 104.5 reading.