CA Sen: US Chamber’s $3.2 Mil Ad Buy for Fiorina Paid for with Anonymous, Possibly Foreign Funds

logo-uschamberYou have to read down to the 13th paragraph in Maeve Reston’s story on funding in the California U.S. Senate race — “Boxer, Fiorina nearly even in fundraising” — before you get to this:

Most of the outside spending in the California Senate race has been on Fiorina’s behalf. A group affiliated with Karl Rove spent $1 million on a weeklong ad buy in August. And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had spent more than $3.2 million on ads through the end of September criticizing Boxer’s record.

It’s unclear whether the $3.2 million in anonymously donated funds the Chamber spent on Fiorina’s campaign includes the $1,173,625 reported by Campaign Money Watch.