Angle Ad: If You’re White, Aliens are Coming to Get You

The newest ad from U.S. Senate candidate from Nevada, Sharron Angle, is the Willie Horton story of our day. Anyone who could watch this piece of work and not get the fear-mongering it employs should watch it again. But just in case you still don’t get it, Mi Blog es tu Blog‘s Laura Martinez breaks it down. Ads like Angle’s, she says:

…remind us that Latino immigrants are a scary bunch — crossing the border armed with knifes and torches, ready to strip you of your benefits and jobs and scare the hell out of your white family.

Angle’s spots go way beyond blatantly stereotyping Latino immigrants as a bandana-wearing crowd ready to corner you in some dark alley. More gravely, they send a message of “us” against “them.” It’s Brown vs. White. Watch closely: While the ad mentions immigrants going to college and collecting social security, every shot of the “illegal aliens” shows particularly swarthy Latino youth all dressed up for gang initiation. The family that is shown living in fear of them is white.

…I can only hope these “dangerous fellows” will take some time off their criminal activities to go to the polls this November.

Palin Desecrates American Flag at Sharron Angle Tea Party Rally

At 1:36, Palin desecrates the American flag. As has been posited, imagine as you watch the video what would have happened if Pres. or Mrs. Obama or Speaker Pelosi had wielded that Sharpie. Gawker first noted the desecretion, quoting Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8 of the United States Code: “The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.”

NV Sen: Sharron Angle’s Preacher Describes Glenn Beck’s Mormon Church As a Murderous, Weird, Kooky Cult

“His religion’s a cult … The Christian community — all the Christians, theologians and scholars, all recognize that, that Mormonism is a cult. I have books in my library on cults, and it lists Mormonism right there with all these bizarre cults. Well, there must be a reason. I mean, here a member of a cult is one of the most powerful people in the United States. Doesn’t that alarm you? And his allegiance is to Salt Lake City. Something is up with that. Something’s weird. But nobody touches that. [Glenn Beck’s*] allegiance is to Salt Lake City. The Mormon church is rich, powerful, they do illegal things. They do secretive things. They’ve got all this money. They own American businesses. There’s weirdness going on there. Churches are not multi-millionaire organizations like the Mormon church. You know, there’s some weirdness with that, but nobody questions it, nobody asks one question to [Glenn Beck] and says, ‘Tell us about your faith. What does a Mormon believe?’ Ask him about the holy garments that he wears that protect him from evil. Isn’t that kooky? Ask him about getting his body parts anointed by oil. Isn’t that kooky? Ask him about when he goes to the temple and he gets baptized for dead people. Isn’t that kooky? Ask him about the hit squad of the Mormon church and why they need people to kill Mormons that go against them. Isn’t that controlling? Ask him how they shun people, then they get their family members to disown them and divorce them if they dare leave the Mormon church. Isn’t that cultish? I mean, I could go on and on. The Mormon church is a cult, and [Glenn Beck] is a powerful person in a cult, and nobody even questions it.”

John Reed, the preacher at Sonrise Church in Reno, the home church of Nevada GOP-tea bagger Sharron Angle. *Note, however, that instead of Glenn Beck, the preacher actually referred to Angle’s opponent, Sen. Harry Reid.

NV Sen: GOP-Fox Caught Rigging Poll Outcome That Shows Angle Leading Reid by 3 Points

A new poll on the Nevada Senate race from the GOP’s Fox channel finds that tea bagger Sharron Angle is leading Sen. Harry Reid, 49 percent to 46 percent.

“I would look askance on this poll.”
Prof. Mark Peplowski

And despite the fact that the margin of error in the poll is 3 percentage points, the Republican propaganda network is ready to call the election.

“As voters make up their mind with four weeks to go until Election Day, Angle seems to have the edge,” a poll “analyst” for the GOP-Fox network wrote.

In fact, most polls have shown the race to be tied — as, technically, the Fox poll does, since Angle’s lead is in the margin of error. However, a poll from about week ago by a GOP pollster Public Opinion Strategies found Reid leading Angle, 45 percent to 40 percent.

Now the methodology behing the Fox poll is being called into question by College of Southern Nevada professor Mark Peplowski:


NV Sen: Angle Confirms That She and Her Husband Receive Socialist Health Care

Despite tea baggers’ misuse of the term, “socialism” applies to any system in which citizens pool resources to provide a service for the community — in other words, any service that is not private and provided on a fee basis. Public education, as well as public police, fire and emergency services, public hospitals and, of course, government-run pensions, like Social Security, and health-care, like Medicare, are all bona fide socialist services.

So it is a surprise — although, on second thought, it shouldn’t be — to learn that tea bagger queen Sharron Angle, who rails against the evils of socialism on the campaign trail, is actually a dyed-in-the-wool socialist herself:

Angle’s campaign acknowledged to Nevada journalist Jon Ralston Monday that both the candidate and her husband receive health care from the federal government. Spokeswoman Ciara Matthews said in a statement: “Mr. Ted Angle receives his pension through the (federal) Civil Service Retirement System. While it is not supplemented by the federal government, current civil servants pay into the program to pay the schedule of those already retired — much like how the Social Security Program works today. Mr. Angle does not qualify [for] — nor does he receive Social Security benefits. His health insurance plan (the Federal Employee Health Program), which also covers Sharron, is a continuation of what he was receiving while he worked for the federal government.”

If government-provided health care is so abhorrent to Sharron Angle, then she and her husband should reject it and buy insurance on the open market. I’m sure they could find a plan with similar coverage that would cost them less than $1,500 a month somewhere. Otherwise, she reveals herself to be just another rage-aholic tea bagger railing about socialism while apparently unaware that she is, in fact, soaking in it.

NV Sen: Angle Says Woman Attacked at Event by Tea Bagger Thug Was Asking for It

If you’re just tuning into the story about the fracas at a Harry Reid-Sharron Angle campaign event in Nevada Thursday night, here’s how the local NBC station reported the incident:


New Crop of GOP-Tea Party Senate Candidates Holds Radical View on Abortion: Believe Govt Should Enforce Births by Rape, Incest Victims

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On her MSNBC show last night, Rachel Maddow reported that, with addition of Christine O’Donnell to the 2010 roster of U.S. Senate candidates, there are now five GOP-tea party candidates who oppose abortion, even in the cases of rape and incest.

The others are Sharron Angle of Nevada, Ken Buck of Colorado, Joe Miller of Alaska and Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Except for Buck, these radical GOP candidates were all endorsed by tea party leader Sarah Palin, who also shares this radical view — even though she once told an audience she considered aborting her fifth child, who was born with Down Syndrome.

Maddow also points to the inconsistency in this position and the tea party’s lip service to libertarian belief in limited government.

What these Republican candidates are talking about is the federal government not only monitoring every pregancy in the country to ensure it ends the way the government prefers, which is a live birth, but they’re also saying that the government should force rape victims — the government should force rape victims, under pain of criminal prosecution, to give birth to their rapist’s baby. The government must force that [outcome] any time someone becomes pregnant because of rape.

If you are 14-year-old girl who is raped by your uncle or your father, the government will force you, as a 14-year-old, to give birth to the child that is the product of incestuous rape.

Remember, this is the year of small-government conservatives. Getting government out of your life. Government just small enough to … [drown in a bathtub].


NV Sen: Angle Was Voted Worst Legislator When She Served in State Assembly

Las Vegas Review Journal:

Angle twice was chosen the worst Assembly member in polls conducted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal after the legislative sessions. She was named the second-worst and the third-worst member in her other sessions.

Legislators, lobbyists and press members participated in the polls. The same number of Republican legislators as Democrats were given poll forms. The polls were anonymous…

[Former] Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins, D-Henderson, said Angle’s constituents lost because her political views were too extreme for the mainstream and she would not work with others to pass bills.

Based on her legislative performance, he predicts Nevadans will be the real losers if they elect her to the U.S. Senate. Perkins backs incumbent Sen. Harry Reid, a Democrat.

“She had every opportunity to be part of an effective group,” Perkins said. “But her views were too radical. If she is elected to the U.S. Senate, the state will go from No. 1 to No. 100 in power and stature. She would be a disaster for Nevada. No one in the Senate is going to listen to Sharron Angle.”

NV Sen: GOP Scientologist Sharron Angle Was Member of Anti-Gay Christianist Party in the 1990s

Talking Points Memo:

For at least six years in the 1990s before [Sharron Angle] held state-level elective office, Angle was a member of the little-known Independent American Party, a right-wing party that combines elements of Ron Paul’s doctrinaire libertarianism — pro-gun, anti-tax, anti-bureaucracy, pro-states’ rights — with Christian social conservatism and fear of the “North American Union” and other forms of “global government.” The small party attracted considerable controversy in 1994 when it took out a newspaper ad titled “Consequences of Sodomy: Ruin of a Nation,” which suggested HIV could spread through the water.

Three members of the Independent American Party tell TPM that Angle, a Nye County, Nevada, school board member at the time, was an active member of the party in the 1990s. They say she only left the Independent American Party and became a Republican out of political expediency when she decided to seek a seat in the state assembly, to which she was elected in 1998.

“It was because she wanted to run for office. And it was difficult for members of our party to get elected at that time,” Janine Hansen, executive director of the Independent American Party, tells TPM. “It was a strategic move on her part.”