King Claims He Drank from border Facility Toilet

“I actually went into that cell where it was reported that they were advised they had to drink out of the toilet. I took a drink out of there. And actually, pretty good!”

— Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told constituents at a town hall in Iowa that he drank out of a toilet at a migrant detention facility “to prove that criticisms of the conditions in those facilities are unfounded,” the Daily Beast reports.

GOP Trots Out the Old ‘Amnesty’ Chestnut in Response to Obama Immigration Threats

This president has been floating the trial balloon on executive amnesty for a long time. Today, new details surfaced that the president plans to attempt amnesty as early as next Friday, sending us into a constitutional crisis.

— Rep. Steve King (R-IA), quoted by The Hill, on President Obama using executive action to make immigration changes.

King Asserts That Obama Is Not An American, But In a Different Way

Now I don’t assert where he was born, I will just tell you that we are all certain that he was not raised with an American experience. So these things that beat in our hearts when we hear the National Anthem and when we say the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t beat the same for him.

— Rep. Steve King (R-IA), quoted by BuzzFeed, on President Obama.

King Says GOP Under a ‘Spell’ on Immigration Reform

Last year, almost everybody in my conference would’ve agreed with me on this immigration issue. And this year, it seems as though after the presidential election a spell’s been cast over a good number of Republicans and they seem to think the presidential election was about immigration. I’d ask them, find me that debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama that addressed immigration. I don’t remember it. I can’t find it. The election was about jobs and the economy, not immigration. And yet some Republican strategists and leadership have decided let’s just go ahead and debate immigration for twelve months and then we’ll see if we can solve the problem.

— Rep. Steve King (R-IA), explaining to CNN why Republicans can’t get together for immigration reform.

Pay to Play: After Meat Industry Donation, Tea Party Rep. Steve King Defends Pink Slime

I’m on the phone today and throughout the weekend and into last week trying to establish a congressional hearing before the Ag Committee for Beef Products, Incorporated, so that we can put into the congressional record the nutritional value and the safety and the tastiness of their product which is an enhancement to hamburger. I’m working with Governor Branstad on that. At this point, there will be a decision made today I think on whether we’re able to get a hearing.

– Rep. Steve King, GOPT-Iowa, after taking donations from meat industry trade associations and meat producers, promising to have a hearing in Congress on the benefits of pink slime, which he calls “lean finely textured beef.”