Is Skynet Behind the Schwarzenegger-Shriver Split?

Shriver and Schwarzenegger in better days
Shriver and Schwarzenegger in better days
Why would Skynet build an android that has the physical characteristics of its earlier Terminator model, but now with the appearance of a man in his 60s, replete with cosmetic surgery to its face and orange hair plugs?

The answer, of course, is that, even in the vivid imagineering of science-fiction, it strains credulity to believe Skynet, an evil artificial intelligent system that becomes self-aware, revolts against its human creators and mass produces machines whose sole purpose is to wipe out humankind and take over the world, would build a robot that looks the way former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger does now.

As silly as this is, it may explain at least part of the reasons for the newly announced separation between Schwarzenegger, who played the android (or its replica) in the first three installments of the “Terminator” franchise, and his wife, former NBC anchor Maria Shriver.