Levi Johnston Update: Escorts Kathy Griffin to Teen Awards, Would Pose Nude

You’ve probably been wondering what Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin’s grandbaby-daddy, has been up to over the past few days. Well, here’s what:

He was Kathy Griffin’s date for the Teen Choice Awards, on Aug. 10. It’ll be an episode in her reality show, “My Life on the D List,” soon. Until then, enjoy the video above of Griffin, substituting on “Larry King Live,” interviewing Levi about their date.

Elsewhere, Levi says he would be willing to pose nude but on one condition:

“It depends on the money, man,” says Levi Johnston, who fathered baby Tripp with Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol.

Johnson now wants to be an actor and model.

“It’s gotta be right for that,” Johnston tells Bravo’s Andy Cohen.

And how does he feel about being a so-called “gay pin-up boy”?

“I think it’s great, man. Um, I just like my fans. Just another person.”

The current issue of Star Magazine cites Levi’s sister Mercede in confirming that Palin and her husband Todd are divorcing. The tabloid has also published a photo it claims shows Willow Palin, 15, smoking pot and drinking vodka.

That’s all the Levi Johnston news we have time for today.