Borowitz: Birther Questions are Good News for the Economy


We heartily embrace this leading economic indicator from satirist Andy Borowitz.

While most economists agree that any significant improvement in the US economy is generally accompanied by an uptick in GOP questions about Mr. Obama’s place of birth, there is now an econometric tool for measuring the increase in those claims: the so-called S & P Birther Index.

The Birther Index, established in 2008, measures the occurrences of such words as “birth certificate,” “Kenya,” and “wasn’t born here” in Republican statements about the President, and has proven to be a surprisingly reliable tool for tracking improvements in the economy.

As is generally accepted, the best way for Republicans to take the White House this fall is to sabotage the economy. Failing that, they can fall back on such hot button issues as whether the president was really born in Hawaii, and how he personally is responsible for the price of gas at the pump. Then again, there’s always assailing people who provide testimony to Congressional committees.